The beginning of GSoC 2018 with KDE

The result for GSoC 2018 was set to be announced on April 23, 2018, at 21:30 (+0530 GMT). When the time arrived for the announcement, and to browse the list checking for self’s name, the time almost got stopped for me. The wind of excitement, fear, and tension was spread into all the corners of my spine.

Well, after the next 5 minutes I was finally able to figure out, that my project proposal got selected. It was an awesome feeling to finally see my name listed.

My Proposal

With later interest in the projects related to the OS system and desktop application, and to possibly work with C++, my final choice was to apply only with KDE.

To be honest, I started thinking about GSoC in late Jan and KDE was the only organization that interested me as I was using its products for months. I was having issues with Okular, KDE document viewer, and hence I began sending a few patches in the month of Feb.

Finally, after investing some significant amount of time, I was ready with my proposal for GSoC 2018. The title of my proposal is, “Implementing the FreeText annotation with FreeTextTypeWriter behavior”.

Selected Project Details

In addition to above details, Okular already implements the FreeText annotation as ‘Inline Notes’ and shows and allows moving, deleting and modifying the existing typewriter annotations but a new one cannot be created and edited with the FreeTextTypeWriter behavior directly on the PDF page. Its annotation toolbar should gain a new entry ‘Typewriter’ with the option to configure font size, color, and type along with the auto-resizable rectangle and click-to-type FreeTextTypeWriter behavior to write directly on the PDF page.

I would be looking forward to work as good as possible this summer for KDE under my mentor Tobias Deiminger. Thanks to my mentor and org to consider me worthy for their selection list 🙂