GSoC :: Coding Period – Phase Two (June 13th to July 7th): Font color implementation in Poppler and Okular

Hi everyone,

The coding period phase two is now completed and I’m done with the font color implementation in Poppler’s Qt5 frontend and in Okular’s typewriter annotation tool. I have updated the phabricator revision D13203 and filed a bug by attaching my patch in freedesktop’s bugzilla

As per the agreed timeline, I have patched poppler-qt5 with font color by introducing the ‘rg’ operator in the GooString which formats the font color in the RGB color model. In Okular, the font color chooser is introduced in the typewriter annotation setting dialogue which sets both the text annotation’s color and the engine color and hence colorizes the typewriter icon’s color accordingly. The generator side and the doctype XML metadata for saving text color are also adapted. It is well supported in PagePainter too. The review comments (if any) from my mentor is yet to come.

This is how it works: